Student Branch Vienna

The Student Branch of the TU-Wien (Vienna University of Technology) was relaunched in summer 2006. It forms a link between the students of this university and the IEEE. We inform how students can benefit from their IEEE membership and organize social, educational and informative events.


Christoph Mecklenbräuker


  • organize social, educational and informative events
  • provide information how students can benefit from their IEEE membership
  • aim at a win-win situation for students and the IEEE
  • establish a regulars' table of the members of the student branch
  • keep in contact with other student branches

Activities and Projects

The SB Vienna is currently engaged within the following activities:

  • organisation of Latex-tutorials for beginners and intermediates
  • hands-on embedded system laboratory in cooperation with company Bluetechnix
  • visiting power plants, etc.
  • social events at 4Bells or Pointers

Electronic Engineering Lab together with OVE and Fachschaft Elektrotechnik

Together with the OVE (Austrian Association of Electric Engineers) the IEEE Section Austria finances an electronic engineering laboratory. It will be run by the Fachschaft Elektrotechnik (the student representatives of the faculty of electrical engineering and information technology). Only students, who are members of either the IEEE or the OVE, are entitled to use this lab.

The duties and responsibilities of the student branch regarding the lab are:

  • supervise the operation of the lab
  • report about the lab to the section
  • advertise the lab and inform (potential) members about this great benefit
  • use the adjacent rooms of the lab for advertising IEEE membership
  • use the lab for membership development