The IEEE Austria Section may support events such as workshops, conferences, symposia, etc. in Austria. There are multiple ways the Section may support your event.

Note: Due to the generally large amount of mails distributed through IEEE channels, the IEEE Austria Section does not advertise events through e-mails. Instead, events are published on the Austria Section calendar and are advertised in the regularly distributed newsletter.


Partnering and Promotion

The Section is glad to promote any events within Austria by including it in the Austria Section calendar and promoting the event in the regularly distributed newsletter.

  1. Request the usage of the IEEE Austria Section logo on your website filling out this form and send it to the Section's chair and secretary.
  2. Upon approval of the ExCom, download a suitable logo from the Austria Section logo site.
  3. The Section will automatically add an entry to the Austria Section calendar.


Technical Co-Sponsorship

To be able to publish papers on IEEE Xplore, conference organizers require a technical co-sponsoring from the IEEE Austria Section. The Section is the local partner of IEEE and aims at ensuring high quality events in Austria. Please follow the steps below to apply for a technical co-sponsoring.

  1. Start a new conference application at IEEE.
  2. Fill out the application and enter the IEEE Austria Section as Technical Co-Sponsor. Please note that the Section generally does not support conferences financially. Financial responsibility has to be fully claimed by the conference organizers and/or financial sponsors, e.g., societies.
  3. Having completed the application, the IEEE Austria Section ExCom is automatically notified. The ExCom ensures that the event is up to Austrian standards.
  4. Upon approval or rejection of the ExCom, any further organizational or financial details about the conference are discussed directly with IEEE.
  5. In case of approval, the Section will automatically add an entry to the Austria Section calendar.


Organizational Support

Check out the the post-event summary of the IEEE Convene 2018 event including many valuable tips to make your conference a success.


Conference Advertisement Policy

Conferences are advertised on the Austria Section calendar. All events area distributed through our Newsletter which is sent out in regular intervals.

Besides the newsletter, conference organizers may choose to distribute information using eNotice. However, please consider the following Section's policy:

  • Information relevant to the section is only distributed by means of the newsletter.
  • eNotice requests to the complete section are generally rejected by the ExCom.
  • The newsletter/Austria Section calendar only includes events in which IEEE (or its subsidiaries) are involved.

The ExCom may grant exceptions to the above policy if the ExCom deems the information of urgent importance for the section members.

Conference organizers may approach chapter representatives to distribute e-mails to chapters via the eNotice tool. However, please limit distributions to the chapters as well.